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When I considered the disconcerting sermon, I thought: She earned an MFA in poetry at Antioch University, where she studied social justice and was the editor of Lunch Ticket Issue 13. Vaginal thrush, if women use the vaginal creams or pessaries, the cost over a six-month period would be around A0. I told her what Sister Marie had said to me, and what I had accomplished anyway.

The poems were cohesive as a group with a narrative element. May 23-30, 2020: Editor-in-Chief Helen Vitoria has put together a formidable beast of a publication that never disappoints with an issue, so my thanks go out to her for putting the work in to make Thrush such a classy home for our poems. “I don’t know how/we got so lucky/to say we know you well when/clearly you are from somewhere else. This is a hard lesson I’ve learned. Cure yeast infections with these helpful remedies, sigh,” she wrote in a second tweet. The poems will be in a single document.

Similarly, I feel that I have never read a more beautiful poem about public sex than Nick Narbutas’s cheerfully-titled poem, “As Boston Stares Dumbstruck at My Thrusting Ass“:

The response time data is based on information from Duotrope and The (Submission) Grinder. Please feel free to submit again, we only ask that you wait at least three months before re-submitting. We also present clear and concise information about the publication submitted directly from the editor including at a glance submission guidelines. Please feel free to submit again, we do ask that you wait at least six months before re-submitting. Part of the pain of submitting is waiting and waiting and waiting to hear if your piece is accepted. This statistical information is an aggregation of submission data provided by our members.

  • “We are looking for poetry that moves us through precise language and original and evocative imagery.
  • I am thrilled to have contributed to a collage and lyricgraphic artwork, published in Redivider and New Delta Review, Biography of the Blade Back Girl.
  • This flash fiction publisher responds to all submissions within a week.
  • We want voice.
  • What additional evaluations, if any, does a piece go through before it is accepted?
  • Thrush is a highly respected poetry journal that responds to most submissions within 10 days.

Before Submitting

One of its dated entries, includes a poem about Andre Breton and a former boyfriend, an untraveled white male who writes a poem about a Sumatran woman. A prose poem you’ll want to read is “Breaking Fast” by Karen Locascio: By clicking on or navigating the site, you agree to allow us to collect information on and off Facebook through cookies.

  • I’m grateful I occasionally deliver a small jewel.
  • A poem of mine, “How to Locate Water on a Deserted Island” is in the May issue of Thrush Poetry Journal.
  • Her longer description is “Poetry which strikes a truth, which artfully conveys the human condition is most likely to be selected.


All of these journals respond to submissions within a month. It is rewarding to hear back from journals within a month, rather than a year later, when you have forgotten all about them. My deepest thanks to them for participating in this list. In her new collection, she is often in conversation with poets, including Dante Alighieri, Wendell Berry, James Merrill, and Frank O’Hara. Suggested she wanted to be inside the picture. To that end, I broke down my poetry submissions process here—and focused on being kind to myself (taking out the self-doubt and recriminations):

I spend hours interpreting editors’ descriptions of the material they’re seeking for publication. We are a small volunteer staff of four, but we do our best to read and respond to submissions as timely as possible. Is hidden fungus making you ill? How long it takes to get rid of candida depends on several factors. He is the author of The Wine-Dark House (Blue Light Press, 2020) and Crazy Star (selected for the Loess Hills Book’s Poetry Series in 2020) and Bum Cantos, Winter Jazz, & The Collected Discography of Morning, winner of the 2020 Blue Light Book Award (Blue Light Press, San Francisco). Despite my dedication, I lose terse adjectives trying to connect the dots between stated guidelines, the editor’s preferences, the sample work and my rejection letter. To help personalise content, tailor and measure ads and provide a safer experience, we use cookies. Alas, it’s not unusual for publishers to require compromise in the artistic vision of the work they seek to promote.

  • ” I felt heartened, even though the week before I received five rejections in two days, one for a chapbook I’d been really hoping would get accepted by a particular press.
  • Three poems of mine "Sonnet II," "This is a Poem about Survival," and "I Leave."
  • I was burned this year when I did just that, and the lower-tier (but still respectable) book took my poem.
  • I wanted to be inside her.

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Then, shortly thereafter, the top-shelf journal issued an acceptance for the same poem, which I had to decline. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It’s part of getting the work out there, and trying to find the editors who’ll connect with it best, and publish it. How to prevent a yeast infection from antibiotics, infection of the cervix ( cervicitis ). New poems are forthcoming in The Boiler and Tinderbox. A glorious set that weaves together the ethereal, earthly, and mundane. 56 % Duotrope-acceptance rate; 20. So imagine how happy I was to hear that one of my poems would find a home there in the November issue!

Selection is random; however we will always offer you the choice to opt out. 30/transaction. Oral antifungal medication, despite the effectiveness of prescription and OTC treatments, some people may choose to try home remedies for yeast infections, including:. Many (but not all) of the poems we’ve published have revolved around themes of sexuality, gender, race, class, and difference.

Justin Lacour

Wednesday's Poem at BlazeVOX http: This one from Editor in Chief, Helen Vitoria at THRUSH Poetry Journal is the second from her and most detailed I’ve received. 49 % Duotrope-acceptance rate; 87 avg. Submissions that ignore these guidelines (or parts of these guidelines) will likely be declined. President" from The Acentos Review. "However, we do not want experimental and random just for the sake of calling it such.

We enjoyed your poems and are pleased to have read these pieces; in particular we enjoyed:


Mary of the One Night Stand" from Yes Poetry. "“A jackass who’s not going anywhere in life. ​"What Was Left of the Sestina after Looking at a Photo Album of My Father's Squadron" from Muzzle Magazine. His first book Evening land (Cinnamon Press, UK) was nominated for the 2020 Gerald Lampert Memorial Award. This difference is minute to most, but I personally think of this poem as a bit of an inverted Bechdel test.

The element of film evokes more of a narrative idea to me than stand alone dialogue. Ching-In Chen. That’s me turning off my phone ringer in church, and then seeing a poetry rejection come in as everyone else is singing The Gloria—and then, actually feeling worse about the poetry rejection. It’s a tough world for writers. 2020 Inaugural & Jan. We wanted to thank you for the opportunity to read your work. Variations on a Mayan Creation Story" from Matria in Black Lawrence Press. "This electronic publisher of poetry responds within a week.

" from The Pedestal Magazine.

This literary journal publishes science fiction and fantasy short stories and responds to most submissions within a week. If you are interested in submitting your work, please visit our submissions page for the guidelines. So, I’m submitting to two different types of journals to meet those goals. My poem, "Cupid, I'd Invite the Shooting," is live now at Shallow Ends. 11 % Duotrope-acceptance rate; 14. It won’t be polite or affected. A (somewhat) monthly journal of political poetry and commentary. Tall and Kicked His Girlfriend,” cannot belie its lyricism behind the gritty and the chatty:

Thrush Poetry Journal | September 2020 | Natalie Eilbert

I’d like to get some of my work in top-tier print journals. And, rejection also rears its head in other, unexpected ways. 13 things you might not know about yeast infections, understandably, this leaves a lot of sufferers unspeakably frustrated, because sex and orgasms are good, healthy things many of us want to have on the regular. My uniform sweater scratched through my shirt to my back. It’s taken me a little while to update about this, but I’m very excited to have had my poem, Eurydice in Hell, published in the September issue of THRUSH Poetry Journal. ” PANK is the leader of the pack on a motorcycle of poetry.

My poem "When Living Feels Like a Labor of Love" is live now at Rise-up Review. My favorite from the latest issue is “A Coyote Named Jeff” by Taylor Collier. 86 % Duotrope-acceptance rate; 51. So, always group your journals in whatever way works for you—I do it by acceptance rate. I used the word “immutable” in one, and she said there was no way I could know that word at age 16. Her honors include the Dorset Prize and the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Award, finalist citations for the Arab American Book Award, the Housatonic Book Award, and the Auburn Witness Poetry Prize, and a Black Earth Institute fellowship. At the heart of this anecdote, something carries over into my current life: Years after that detention, and after I had scored my MFA in creative writing, I ran into another high school teacher.

Life isn’t always pretty. After feeling the disappointment I returned to the kind, personal rejection note where the editor asked me to send more work, “today, if you have it. And once you’re in, it’s for life.

Broken Kingdom

She is an editor for Write Bloody and reads for Palette Poetry. There are 24 completed reports in the past 12 months. What other current publications (or publishers) do you admire most?

“Michelle Bitting is an original, no one writes quite like she does with her lush, ruminative excursions into the female psyche, into myth and the bliss and fragility of domesticity, blithe forays into sex, gender, politics, religion and what it means to be a woman, a wife, a mother, a teacher and a poet striding into the kingdom, breaking every window, blowing open every door. “You’re a jackass,” she finally said. You can submit up to 10 poems or multiple fiction or creative nonfiction pieces (up 15,000 words in total) and they will aim to respond within 24 hours.

We have detailed reviews given for publications that come directly from our editor (Every Writer). May 2020 - My poem,"Chess," won an Honorable Mention in "The 2020 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards" sponsored by the Poetry Center at Passaic County Community College! Cassandra de Alba. Comments will be approved before showing up. With this said, however, rhymed poetry of any nature is rarely accepted. Tier the journal list. Infections & eczema, because we know the root of some skin issues isn’t merely topical. From the very first work, “An Hour North of Lee Vining, California,” about fishing in the Golden State, the author’s descriptions evoke vivid, lively settings.

Do you know what this jackass did?

Bestselling Series

Thank you for your submission. “Are you ready to admit it? I’d be more about perseverance and valuing second chances. Doorway" from The Wildness. "We will consider creative nonfiction essays. It’s a journal I show all the time to friends looking to read good poetry online.

" from The Fem.