10 Home Remedies for Vaginal Yeast Infection: What You Can Do Now

Uncomplicated VVT responds to many available antifungal drugs such as clotrimazole cream, pessaries or fluconazole oral tablets.

For some women, vaginal thrush is more difficult to treat and tends to occur quite frequently, despite treatment. What are the symptoms of thrush, what causes oral and vaginal yeast infections, how is it treated and can men get it? As indicated above, there are many ways a yeast infection can flair up and other common ways that yeast can overgrow include: Any other myths? Other skin rashes near to the vagina (called satellite lesions) - this is rare and may indicate other fungal conditions or herpes simplex virus.

If you are currently suffering from thrush, add in fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which are the naturally occurring water-soluble fibre in fruits and vegetables. Care should be taken when using an applicator during pregnancy to avoid potential damage to the cervix. If you still have symptoms a week after starting treatment then see your doctor or nurse. If you think you keep getting thrush, don't just keep treating yourself with over the counter creams, such as Canesten.

  • Treatment of the sexual partner is not necessary unless they show symptoms of thrush.
  • Vulvovaginal candidiasis is due to an overgrowth of yeasts within the vagina, most often C.
  • If nonalbicans candida is detected, the laboratory can perform sensitivity testing using disc diffusion methods to guide treatment.
  • Although some women may find the folk remedy of yoghurt soothing, there is no strong evidence to support its use.

Will sexual partners need treatment? Sometimes antifungal lozenges, tablets or mouthwash may be needed. You are on a two-week walking tour in Thailand and the unthinkable happens. Thrush is caused by a fungal infection (Candida albicans) that lives in the vagina, often without causing symptoms.

It was revised again by Bridget Dillon and the Editorial Committee in September 2020. 5 or less suggests thrush. Share on Pinterest Tea tree oil has antifungal properties that may kill yeasts and fungi. WHAT HAPPENS IF I RECEIVE NO TREATMENT? As well as eating live plain organic yoghurt, (for more information on the dietary recommendations for thrush see the rest of the Thrush ebook) it is important to take probiotic supplements.

Stockings rather than tights are preferable.

Why do I have thrush?

However, the following people should not try to treat themselves: Do not apply this essential oil near your vagina. You may need a longer course of treatment if your vaginal thrush is difficult to treat or keeps coming back. This is a stick with a cotton bud at the end of it. These are not proven treatments and we shouldn’t recommend these to our customers to aid in their relief of their symptoms. There is some evidence that yoghurt used in combination with honey improves the symptoms of thrush. Thrush can cause significant discomfort and influence a women’s self-esteem and sex life.

Some women slather a tampon with yoghurt, and insert it into their vaginas, removing the tampon after 30 minutes or so, which should be enough time for the yoghurt with all its beneficial bacteria to be absorbed by the body. These can then be treated if needed. The accuracy of these tests varies. It is not thought that it poses any risk to the foetus though. When clinics are at full capacity, patients asking to be seen will be triaged and those who fit our urgent criteria will be a priority. The symptoms may not be due to thrush. If you're pregnant, take care when using an applicator to insert a pessary or intravaginal cream, as there's a small risk of injuring your cervix (neck of the womb).

You can buy pessaries (dissolving tablets you put into the vagina) and cream over-the-counter from your pharmacy.

What Is Vulvovaginal Candidiasis?

See you GP if you notice any of these symptoms. Natural, unsweetened, non-flavored yogurt contains beneficial bacteria, called probiotics. Avoid using perfumed soaps and shower gels or other products which can irritate your skin. See images of vulvovaginal candidiasis. 10 home remedies for thrush, oral thrush is due to overgrowth of a candida yeast on the moist surfaces that line the inside of the mouth and tongue. Yeast infections (also known as candidiasis) are common infections caused by Candida albicans yeast, which is a type of fungus.

There is no evidence to support the use of special cleansing diets and colonic hydrotherapy for prevention. Although vaginal yeast infections are not considered a sexually transmitted infection, sexual intercourse can trigger or spread them. On the other hand, more VVT is seen in post menopausal women who have been put on Hormonal Replacement therapy (HRT) to counter menopausal symptoms and in women on the combined oral contraceptive. To avoid this, don’t use boric acid on broken skin and don’t take it orally.

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Some women benefit from long-term treatment, but relief remains elusive for others. The diagnosis is often based on the typical symptoms and signs. Avoid washing underwear in biological washing powder and using fabric conditioners. You may need a longer course of treatment if your thrush is difficult to treat or keeps coming back. Take garlic as a supplement when you are trying to eliminate an attack of thrush and as prevention if you are prone to attacks. It may also help to take high-potency probiotics throughout the course of antibiotics, and for another 2–3 weeks after.

Reasons why treatment may fail include: So what causes thrush? Vaginal thrush is a common condition caused by an overgrowth of a yeast, called candida albicans, which normally inhabits the gastrointestinal tract, skin and vagina.

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This is not to say that every course of antibiotics will lead to thrush. It affects most women at some stage. Douching (rinsing the vagina out with water or a solution) also increases the risk of BV (7). You may also have more severe symptoms: If you are zinc deficient, your immune system can be compromised and your body will not be able to control yeast overgrowth. Use of antibiotics in the future should be minimal and if required a combination of probiotics, B vitamins and diet may be included for a short period. The yoghurt must contain live bacteria to work. Q&a: preventing thrush kellymom.com, this stuff is pretty constantly being scrubbed against the baby’s palate and so not all babies ever even show it off. Infection occurs in about 30% of women who are taking a course of antibiotics by mouth.

Common Causes Of Thrush:

For VVT caused by fungus other than C. Vaginal thrush isn't classed as a sexually transmitted infection (STI), so sexual partners don't need to be informed, tested or treated if they don't have any symptoms. Where can I get a test? There are different ways you can do this: They are unnecessary and may well add to irritation and itching. If you take antibiotic medication. It is reasonable to assume it is thrush if:

How do you prevent vaginal thrush? Wear skirts or dresses with cotton pants and avoid pantyhose as much as possible. A swab can also be taken and tested in a laboratory to confirm a diagnosis of thrush. It can also cause nappy rash. If your sexual partner is a man, the risk of infection is low.

[3] Approximately 20% of women get an infection yearly.

You can read about bacterial vaginosis and other pieces in the series here.

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Overgrowth of vaginal candida may result in: This usually causes a red, itchy or painful rash that scales over with white or yellow discharge. The best way to prevent vaginal thrush is to identify what triggers it. If you have a weakened immune system, thrush may spread to your esophagus or other parts of your body. Many have reported frustration about seeing doctors who “fob them off”, advising them to take another course of anti-fungal treatment, or telling them that they just have to “put up with it”.

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It is uncommon before her first menstrual cycle and after menopause (when periods cease), so hormones are likely implicated. In most cases, Thrush can be easily treated with a tablet taken orally or inserted into your vagina. If your daughter is not feeling better within a few days of finishing treatment, call the doctor.

In some women, this may be a sign of iron deficiency, diabetes mellitus or an immune problem, and appropriate tests should be done.

When you see your doctor, make sure that the diagnosis is confirmed with a swab sent to a pathology lab. It's usually harmless but it can be uncomfortable and keep coming back. Taking oral contraceptives, being pregnant, having poorly controlled diabetes and having conditions that affect the immune system, can also make thrush more likely. Candida infection can follow a course of antibiotics and is common in people with diabetes or low immunity, such as HIV infection.

This is how Debra (not her real name) described her extreme experience to me at a consultation. Pregnant women should only use topical treatments not oral therapies. Other natural treatments include tea tree oil and garlic. (See the separate leaflet called Bacterial Vaginosis for more details.) It tends to reduce in amount after menopause. Thrush is caused by an overgrowth of yeast known as Candida Albicans.

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Essential oils should be mixed with carrier oils before use and never applied directly to the skin. If LS is left untreated, this can lead to severe scarring and possible changes to the normal anatomy of the vulva (22). Vaginal thrush is a common yeast infection that affects most women at some point in their lives. Others are only available on prescription from your GP. But using tea tree oil can lead to nasty allergic reactions, while garlic can burn. Symptoms that suggest thrush is severe include:

If the acidity and bacterial balance in the vagina or mouth is upset then thrush may develop.

However, sometimes we can also be driven to the point of insanity by a common little fungal yeast infection called Candida Albiacans. Everyone is different, so your symptoms may differ from a friend’s. Around ovulation and during menstruation the vaginal pH becomes naturally more alkaline, and so many thrush sufferers find they are especially prone to an outbreak at these times. Is it a vaginal yeast infection or something else?, candidal sepsis is rare. However, it can be uncomfortable and you may experience a burning sensation during or after sex. Recurring thrush You might need to take treatment for longer (for up to 6 months) if you keep getting thrush (you get it more than twice in 6 months).

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People who are deficient in zinc will be susceptible to recurrent infections or infestations of any kind (that’s why you may seem to suffer from one cold or tummy bug after another when you are run down). In clinical studies, garlic extracts have been to found to prevent the growth of candida. Homoeopathic medicines and supplements and good quality probiotics (including acidophilus and bifidus) are generally included. FOR SOME women thrush is just a minor annoyance but for others it is devastatingly uncomfortable. Their effectiveness varies, and evidence for their success is mostly anecdotal. You then add in those nutrients in slightly higher amounts which are known to help with thrush. Many others don't cause any harm, or any symptoms, unless they multiply too much. Thrush is not a sexually transmitted infection.

If there is soreness without itching, this is more likely to have another cause.


This is in cases of drug-resistant candida albicans. Facts about swollen clitoris, this causes it to swell and become even more sensitive. These natural defences may be altered or upset by certain situations: Now contrary to some people’s beliefs, vaginal thrush is not a sign of a dirty person or a sexually transmitted infection. If you suffer from Thrush regularly we recommend you attend a sexual health clinic to discuss treatment and management options. Are unwell in yourself in addition to the vaginal and vulval symptoms.

Tea tree oil has been shown to have antifungal properties. They can be vague, particularly at an early stage. Fluconazole, the following table provides a sample of drug interactions, but may not be a complete list. Also, people can be allergic to tea tree oil. Sheary B, Dayan L.

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Complicated thrush is four or more episodes of thrush in a year or when severe symptoms of vulvovaginal inflammation are experienced. Yeast infections, the doctor you should visit for yeast infection could be any, i. Women using this home remedy, therefore, may not receive the same benefit, depending on the ingredients used in their remedy and how they administer it. Around 50% of women with BV will be asymptomatic (experience no symptoms) (11). These bacteria are essential to creating a healthy environment in your vagina. Non-urgent advice: The best way to prevent thrush is to identify what triggers the condition for you. During sexual intercourse use a personal lubricant if necessary to ensure that there is no dryness or friction which can exacerbate thrush.

The main types of treatment are:

There are other causes for vaginal itching, such as eczema, so women should be properly examined before starting treatment. Yoghurt has shown to be helpful in preventing attacks of yeast, but a probiotic supplement goes one step further to actually treat a yeast infection. Retrieved from https: Another name for vaginal thrush is candidiasis. A healthy immune system and some "good" bacteria keep the amount in a person's body under control. Pregnant or breastfeeding women shouldn't take the capsules. 6 yeast infection causes, wearing loose-fitting cotton underwear can help prevent moisture building up under your foreskin, which lowers the chances of the candida fungus multiplying. It is also complicated if coupled with pregnancy, poorly controlled diabetes, poor immune function, or the thrush is not caused by Candida albicans. Essential oil of oregano Common oregano, or Origanum marjoram, is what you usually find in your grocery store’s spice section.

Complicated VVT

BV can also increase the risk of late miscarriage and preterm delivery for pregnant women (7,13). (5, ie, acidic), but candida can occur over a wide range of pH. But what ways can a yeast infection be treated at home?

How accurate are the tests?

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While it is unclear if BV is actually sexually transmitted, it is associated with sexual activity. Nearly 87 percent reported an improvement in their symptoms. If these treatments don’t work or if you often get thrush, see a doctor as you may have other health problems or a drug-resistant type of Candida. It was revised by Kirsten Braun and the Editorial Committee in March 2020 and July 2020. Some uncircumcised men have Candida under the foreskin, but have no symptoms. It is important to speak to your doctor or pharmacist regarding treatment if you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding. Yeast infections: symptoms, diagnosis & treatment, what are the causes of yeast infections? 8% Candida albicans and Candida glabrata:

These factors include use of antibacterial and systemic corticosteroids and conditions which affect immunologic status including uncontrolled diabetes, lupus, thyroid disease and HIV infection.

The pH of the vagina tends to be in the normal range (3. )They can investigate the underlying causes and suggest ways you can manage it. You may also be more prone to recurring episodes (recurrent thrush) although some women develop repeated episodes of thrush with no obvious triggers.

It may be associated with the following factors:

Statins can interact with some antibiotics and increase the risk of rhabdomyolysis. The risk of yeast infections may also be lessened by staying hydrated and urinating when the need arises, not holding it in. If recurrence of symptoms occurs in less than a year, or your response to treatment is unsatisfactory, do not self-treat or you risk producing a chronic (ongoing) condition. Thrush is a very common condition and anyone can get thrush. Vaginal thrush usually clears up within a week or two of treatment with antifungal medication.

What Is The Treatment For Vaginal Thrush?

There’s no strong research to support the use of hydrogen peroxide to treat vaginal infections. Chlamydia predominantly affects those aged 25 years old and under (28). Most people carry it on their skin or in their bowel. For people like Debra, who forgot to pack “emergency supplies” before her trip, recurrent thrush can cause relentless itching, constant pain and embarrassment.


A prolonged course of a topical antifungal agent is occasionally warranted (but these may themselves cause dermatitis or result in the proliferation of non-albicans candida). The following gives a guide as to when it may be best to see a doctor or nurse if you think that you might have thrush. When you add a half cup of apple cider vinegar to a lukewarm bathtub and soak for 20 minutes, the acidic component of the vinegar can eliminate any harmful microorganisms, including yeast. In pregnant women, oral antifungal medication is contraindicated because of the toxic effect to the baby and instead vaginal pessaries or cream should be used. It is spread to the vagina from the anus via the perineum – the area between the anus and the vagina. But sometimes these protective mechanisms fail, increasing the number of candida fungus and allowing an oral thrush infection to take hold. While there is no evidence to say this works, it is a low-risk home remedy for yeast infection. Applying live natural yohgurt may help ease discomfort during an attack.

How did I get vaginal thrush?

However, there are many other conditions of the vagina and vulva that have symptoms in common with thrush, so if there is the slightest doubt about the diagnosis, it is essential that your doctor takes a vaginal swab and sends it for analysis before treatment is started. Depending on the product, the treatment may be for external or internal use and treat the infection with: It may also be transmitted from the genitals to the eye and from mother to baby during birth. Topical and oral treatments have similar efficacy. When buying supplements choose one with a high level of allicin. It is best to avoid douching, using perfumed talcs and deodorants in the genital area and using bubble-bath, soap, bath salts and shampoo when taking a bath (sitting in water that contains these products can disturb the natural environment in the vagina) (14,15). In addition, self-help treatments such as tea-tree oil can be too irritating to the sensitive vaginal area.

Doing so leaves you more prone to a reoccurrence of the yeast infection. Read my candida story, you may start eating later in the day and end earlier at night. If your daughter does have a yeast infection, her doctor can prescribe a medicine to take by mouth or a vaginal cream, tablet, or suppository that will quickly clear up the symptoms in a few days and the infection within a week. However, they have not been proven to work by research. Pregnancy also increases vaginal alkalinity, as does use of the oral contraceptive pill.

Some women suffer from recurrent episodes.

Treatment Of Vaginal Thrush

Rochester, NY: How is vaginal thrush diagnosed? Alternative remedy: Thrush does not damage the vagina and it does not spread to damage the womb (uterus).

These symptoms can be caused by other conditions, such as infection.


Candida can lead to genital symptoms in men and women. Have had two episodes of thrush in six months and have not consulted a doctor or nurse about this for more than a year. Only use antibiotics when necessary. The yeast can only be cultured when a certain amount is present (a false-negative result). You can speak to a sexual health clinic or GP about longer term treatments.

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As girls mature and go through puberty, hormonal changes can put them at risk for yeast infections — sometimes, girls get yeast infections right before their menstrual periods. Vaginal thrush is usually caused by yeasts from a group of fungi called Candida. This could be due to changes in the bacteria in the vagina when you have taken antibiotics. You should stick with adding garlic in foods. Pediatric yeast infection, you should also visit your doctor if you experience a persistent on your penis. These are the symptoms associated with vaginal thrush:

They'll recommend how often you should use treatment. Symptoms are often worse in the week before menstruation. However it can be triggered by sex – particularly if you have sex when you're not fully aroused and your vagina is dry. What are the symptoms of vaginal thrush? We advise you to visit a GP when:

Oral Thrush

A healthy vagina has an efficient self-regulating system that maintains a slightly acidic pH, which effectively prevents the proliferation of troublesome yeast or bacteria. However, a significant number who are prone to persistent or recurrent thrush - sometimes after antibiotic treatment or the contraceptive pill - may require individualised treatment. If you have thrush, you may also find the following things help to relieve your symptoms:

The discharge from thrush does not usually smell. Tea tree oil has long been prized for its antifungal properties. How common is thrush? Then feel each area for lumps under the surface, which you might not be able to see.

Chlamydia causes inflammation of the urethra (tube from the bladder to the urinary opening) and/or the cervix (neck of the uterus). It is advisable that both sexual partners seek treatment at the same time to prevent re-infection. Do not apply the acidic vitamin C to the sensitive vaginal tissue. Thrush can occasionally be passed on to sexual partners. This organism normally lives, along with other organisms, in the vagina, causing no harm. The earlier vulval problems are found, the easier they are to treat.